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Get everyone on the dance floor with The Amazin Grace & GLB!

One of the hottest groups in the area, The Amazin Grace & GLB generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform.

This dynamic group is comprised of 8 very talented musicians: two lead vocalists, a full rhythm section and a sax player. Jazz, pop, rock, R&B, funk, reggae, Top 40, swing, soul, Latin and pop -- The GLB Band does it all!

The group specializes in weddings and large corporate and social events as well as smaller venues. Large or small we are the band for you. They will work with you well before your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right music for your celebration.

Please contact us at:

mobass@theglbband.comfor prices, availability and more information.

Band members: Backup Singers, Ebony Rogers

Joe Jakubicki (Lead guitar) John Williams (keyboards) Benji Polk (Drums) Roy Richardson (Sax) Mike Gist (Percussions)

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